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~HLAYG Club Events~

You may participate in any or all of five gift swaps that we organize.
Here's how it works: Sign up to join in the fun by sending an email
to Robbin!
Within a few days she will let you know who your swap partner is.
Swaps are optional of course, and each swap has a limit of $35.
Your gift can be anything Gene related that fits into the swap theme!
Thats all there is to it! Oh, and have FUN!!!

Swap Schedule

1) "Fun in the Summer Sun" begins June 3-July 27.
2) "Halloween" begins September 3-October 31.
3) "Christmas" begins November 3-December 25.
4) "Valentines Day" begins January 3-February 21.
5) "Gene's Birthday" begins March 3- April 24 (Gene's birthday is April 17)

~Pattern Library~
The club is in the process of building a pattern library for upcoming issues of the newsletter. Each newsletter features patterns submitted by our members. These patterns may be: crocheting, knitting, sewing, jewelry making, or any craft that may benefit Gene. If you're interested in contributing a pattern(s) to the newsletter, email Robbin so we may determine placement of your pattern.

I receive a lot of email from you requesting a section in the newsletter called "Members Collecting Tips". At this time I'd like to have this up on our website until we know how much of an inflow of tips or suggestions we will receive. There's the possibility that if this is well received by you we may than make the decision to move it into the newsletter.
Tips can be:
1) repainting (removal of paint and types of paints to use)
3) rerooting techniques (sources for donor hair, trick that work well for you)
4) sewing (pattern layout, drafting, shortcuts)
5) knitting and crocheting (websites with stitch guides, crochet cotten sources, pattern sources)
6) jewelry making (online source for beads at good prices)
7) furniture (patterns, fabric sources, construction, supply sources)
8) shoe (leather sources, shoe base sources, patterns)
9) hat boxes (patterns, box sources)

If you have a tip page on your website already, send in the url and
we'll put it on the tips page!

There are an amazing number of incredibly talented people in our club.
What you know may be just what another club member needs!
Lets pull together on this and "SHARE THE DREAM" with everyone!

Visit our "Members Brag Page"!