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Donated Prizes!

Games and Drawings Prizes!

Marsha O.

A One-Of-A-Kind Gene Outfit!
Number 1 of a 50's Fashion Hat
with a matching purse!

An OOAK Hat!

4 pairs of Gloves! (1 set)

"Deluxe Butt Chair and Ottoman"
note: no other items included!

Click on the picture!

Susan Myers
"5 Planet Kathryns Menu Sets"

Click on the picture!
An AD Gene Hatbox!
Your choice of color.
A signed 8x10 glossy of Mel Odom!

Linda Keenan
"Gene-sized tray of Halloween cookies
and a set of 3 caramel apples (w/nuts!)"

From "Wendy's Hollywood Bakery!"

Alana B.

A Titanic era

nightgown/dressing gown ensemble!

Mary Bellizi
A set of 'Pink Ice' jewelry
by Marie North

Elaine Posanka
My Website

Gene Size Coca-Cola Items!
Includes a bucket of ice and cokes
a six pack of cokes
a coke tray
and 4 loose coke bottles!

Jo Albanese
My Website!
A lace dressing screen!

Alexes Shostac
"A Hawaiian Accessory Pack"

Click on the picture!

Cindy Kruse
My Website!
"Western Gene Outfit!"

Debora L. Buffington
A one-of-a-kind gown!
Click "Picture" to see!

Donna Pelkey
The pink shorts, bikini top,
and pink lace up shoes from SG!

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