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Pity Party Secret Swap!

$35.00 limit on the gift!
(Please spend as close to that amount as you can.)

1. Sign up first on the Pity Party list. (see Party Rules page)
2. Send your name and address to Marsha Olson before midnight Friday, September 17th.
3. You must send out your swap gift on or before October 6th!

Some time on Saturday, September 18th, you will receive an email
with the name and address to whom you will be sending a gift.
You will not know from whom you have received your gift until the day of the Pity Party.
Our club president has given the use of her name and address
to use as a return address to help conceal where the package is from.

Return Address:
Robbin Runtas
W238 N3353 Pine Hill Court
Pewaukee, WI 53072

So far, we have 28 people signed up to do the secret swap!
Here is the list:

April Szymkowski (
Becky Grimes (
Cheryl St. Germain (
Cindy Kruse (
David Cook (
Debora Buffington (
Donna Barber (
Donna Pelkey (
Dorothy Hatch (
Elaine Posanka (
Erin Smith (
Gigi Gill (
Gloria Lopez (
Jane Nakad (
Jayne Kauzloric (
Jaynene Mockus (
Jenny Hilton (
Jill Goodwin (
Josephine Albanese (
Julie Ann Johnson (
Linda Duncan (
Linda Keenan (
Mary Bellizzi (
Michelle Palmer (
Robin Johnson (
Susan Myers (
Teri Walasek-Wenzel (