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Our 'Convention' Package!

Several of our members are getting together to make a souvenir
gift for each and every one who has signed up for the Pity Party!
Our 'Goodie Bag' will include

An embroidered totebag from Debora Buffington!
A pair of earrings for Gene from Robbin Runtas!

A special pin that commemorates our 1st Pity Party from Jill Goodwin!
A pair of long opera gloves from Marsha Olson!

A designer bookmark from a Gloria Lopez!
A beaded Hatpin! from Teri in CA!

A Gene size box of 50's style Kleenex to wipe away Gene's tears of 'pity'! from Catherine Kehr!
(box will be printed out on card stock as a kit)

These were not as fast to make as Dorothy hoped and were not done
in time for them to be included in the Goodie Bag, so if you would
like to have one, send an SASE with one stamp to:
Dorothy Hatch
2343 N. Vermont Street
Arlington, VA. 22207
A decorative party bag to hold the loot is being supplied jointly by
Katherine Robertson and Debora Buffington!
~~~~~ Thanks ladies!

We still need more items for the goodie bag!!!
Goodie Bag items also need to be sent to Debora on
or before October 2nd!

You must be signed up on the Party list in order to receive the free goodie bag!

To sign up, send an email to: Debora Buffington

Debora will be mailing out the Goodie Bags of free Pity Party souvenirs on October 6th!.
Cost of priority shipping ($3.20)
must be sent on or before October 2nd to get to her in time, send to:
Debora Buffington
16892 Coral Cay Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

your money order for shipping!

Priority Labels free from the Post Office will work well for this!