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Prizes! Page 2

Donna Barber An Accessory Set!
Shoes, Scarf, and Earrings!
Shoes are navy blue suede,
scarf is navy, rust,gold and white stripe.
Earrings are navy and gold seed beads.
(Description only)

Jane Nakad
A 3 Piece Jewelry Set!

Jennifer Hilton
2 Necklaces!

Teri Wenzel
A Jewelry Set!
A "Heart of the Ocean" necklace!

Robbin Runtas
5 Jewelry Sets!

Click to see all 5 sets!
12 sets of wooden Gene hangers!

5 Magazines!

A 3pc Set of Tortoise Shell
Hand Luggage!

6 Unforgettable Buttons!

A yellow metal 50's style Lawn Chair!

Becky Grimes
A pink satin robe!

Jayne KauzLoric
a Martini,
shaker and two dice!

David Cook
A 'Wagners' Manniquin!

Jennifer Vikre
2 sets of jewelry
made by Derotha DeLude
Set #1

To go with Cognac Evening!
Set #2
(no picture yet)

Erin Smith
An Accessory Pac!
Includes an apron and oven mitts,
Iron, Sewing Kit, Duster, Broom,
and Dishtowels!

Jaynene Mockus
A light switch plate cover
featuring the 3 new Simply Genes!
(Description only)

Suzanne Martin
A painted, lined wooden Gene size
jewelry box, containing a 3 pc.
set of jewelry!


A custom made stand for Gene!

Marie Migliaro
A lovely strapless floral dress!!

Vivi Bodin
Gene Accessories!

A jewelry set by Derotha Delude!

Julie Ann

OOAK 2pc Outfit

A faux fur jacket
and black stretch pants!
(click on the photo)

Nan Scott
Vogue Pattern!

Catherine Kehr
The coveted
"Best Actress Award"

Marilyn Burton
Pin Up Outfit!

Blue Goddess Outfit!

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